Magnifying the Tweet

I posted this as a tweet, but it needs blog magnification:

“As if normal trials were insufficient, the enemy offers a magnifying glass these last days before Pascha; may it be flipped by the Resurrection.”

Lent being ended and Holy Week in swing, many feel a sense of depression brought on by dwelling on wasted time and hopes of pious preparation that never materialized.

The enemy of souls is fully aware of this, now that we’ve brought it to mind, and magnifies our short-comings all the more to bring us down, keep us down — to magnify our down-ness.

Get up.

Friends, the Light of the Resurrection even shines backward. The Light of the Resurrection shines even upon our past unworthy efforts. It does so not to further humiliate but to redeem. God can take even our unworthy efforts and fashion them to His glory.

Let Him.

Unlike those rear view mirrors claiming “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” the Light of the Resurrection helps reverse that phenomenon.

Let it.

There’s a journey yet to be completed. More’s to be done.

May the magnifying glass that has been used against us — to magnify our fall — be flipped so that the past may decrease that He may increase.

The Bridegroom cometh …

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