PILGRIMAGE: St Paraskevi Monastery (2009)

The St George Seniors Group made their annual spring pilgrimage to St Paraskevi Monastery yesterday. I’ve been blessed to join them on the past two trips; yesterday we were also joined by Fr John Salem.

(Click pics to enlarge.)

Shot from a distance, here’s a pic of the newly completed Temple dedicated to Saint Paraskevi.

The housing for the female monastics.

This is a new fountain on the walkway toward the entry of the nuns’ quarters.

Aha! The secondary reason for the annual trip … the Texas Bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets are scattered throughout the monastery’s property.

Here’e the entry way to the Temple …

One of the woodcarvings portraying a scence from St Paraskevi’s life, found on the doors leading from the narthex into the nave.

A view toward the iconostasis with the Akathistos icon still decorated with flowers.

Faithful pilgrims from St George joined in the prayers of the community — a Supplicatory Service to St Paraskevi.

Fr John Salem says: “I want one of those on our church property!”

A water tower and a windmill?

… in West University?

(Nah … I think he was referring to a bell tower.)

Our Gang.

Click here for pics from past pilgrimages.

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