Longing for Lent (this side of it, of course)

On the Obligation for All Christians to Keep Great Lent.

On all days and seasons dearly-beloved, some marks of the Divine goodness are set, and no part of the year is destitute of sacred mysteries … but all that is bestowed on the restoration of human souls in the divers works and gifts of grace is put before us now more clearly and abundantly in Lent … for as the Easter festival approaches, the greatest and most binding of fasts is kept, and its observance is imposed on all the faithful without exception; because no one is so holy that he ought not to be holier, nor so devout that he might not be devouter….

Who is there who would not wish for additions to his virtue, or removal of his vice?

— St Leo the Great

Taken from Fr Josiah’s blog.
Stained glass window in St Leo’s Catholic Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Source

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