The Great Awakening

Some say it all started when Bill Gates admitted that the term icons — which are windows into heaven — and thus, Windows, are really trademarked by the Orthodox Church; not to mention when Steve Jobs and others finally came clean about that Apple design going back thousands of years to the very Genesis of man.

Yep, after those two saw the light the money really started rolling in!

Now some of our churches have icon screens that offer flat panel LED displays of Saints – you can even change them from time to time with downloads and, since they are lighted like a TV image, there’s no need for all those candles.

It also didn’t hurt when Tom Hanks began promoting his new found faith … the Steelers started wearing Three Bar Crosses on their helmets, and Taco Bell started boasting of its Wednesday, Friday, and Fasting menus.

Then there was Jeremiah Riddle who owned an old bubble gum factory. His was the bright idea to produce Saints cards, like they used to do the ol’ baseball cards, and stick one in each pack of bubble gum. Now that idea took off like hot cakes!

Ever had Rose Water flavored gum? Not bad!

Speaking of hot cakes …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

Or, just listen right here.

Orthodoxy is often called “America’s Best Kept Secret,” but what would it look like if it was embraced by all — including “the world”? This is an encore presentation from October ’07.

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