The Godfather on “Scripture Alone”

When you come to Scripture, you can’t just find some text and come up with some interpretation that no one has ever thought of before and have a plausible argument that it’s true. There’s a saying that I like to quote: “All that’s old might not be gold, but if it’s new it can’t be true” — and when it comes to Scripture that’s certainly true.

If you read Scripture and you find something that after 2,000 years no one has ever thought of until you came along, you know it’s wrong.

— Fr John Whiteford

Father John Whiteford, my son’s Godfather (pictured here from 2001) has an excellent — a must hear! — interview with Kevin Allen of The Illumined Heart on Sola Scriptura (the Protestant belief in “Scripture Alone”).

Listen here … or here.

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Incidentally, the pic is from a post titled Иоанн Whiteford & the Pips — just before Fr John left for Russia for the Reconciliation of the Russian Church.

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