Orthodixie Podcast Year-in-Review

Below are the hyper-linked blog titles, AFR blurbs, and links (pop-up & direct) to the 2008 Orthodixie Podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio. It’s been a fun year; I appreciate your support, emails, and comments.

Thanks for listening!

January 5 – House Blessing at Mr. Potato Head’s

Theophany and House Blessings. What happens in the service, in our homes, and in our lives.

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January 11 – My Cup (of Joe) Runneth Over

A brief history of the coffee hour, with some suggestions about how best to use the time as you sip your morning brew!

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January 18 – Hello Jiddo, Hello Yaya

No matter what you call your grandparents, go to Church Camp, write home, and beware the Mama Eater.

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January 26Nojoyatall

Fr Joseph, with help from Fr Thomas Hopko and Elder Porphyrios, delves into the malady known as Nojoyatall.

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February 1 – Your Day, On The Floor … Jelly Side Up

Fr Joseph reviews the rules of life, particularly Murphy’s Law and its variants, and and then provides us with a rule we can all live with.

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February 9 – Orthodoxy in Dixie

This week’s Podcast is taken from the book, “One Flew Over the Onion Dome” – any similarities to your own parish, bishop or jurisdiction is purely intentional. Orthodoxy not available in all states. In your area, it may only be available in a foreign language – in which case, your mileage may vary …

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February 15 – Without Love, It’s All Just Peas and Carrots

Miss Jane gets a tongue lashing, Mr. Bodine speaks in tongues. Things go dark as Fr. Joseph interviews Dr. Indadark. In the end, lacking the main ingredient, it’s all just peas and carrots. Suffice it to say: Love covers a multitude of podcasts.

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February 22 – Reality: The First Step Toward Salvation

This week, Fr Joseph gets real: “The thing about Confession is that it is natural. That is, it is Real. Almost everything else we do with our sin is false and unnatural. We punish ourselves, justify our actions, and hide. Yet, in Confession — in opening ourselves to God the Light — we expose the hypocrisy of our double life. In truth, we’ve been living a lie. Without Confession, Absolution, and Reconciliation we live a lie before God and Man as if it were Reality. In reality, no one is fooled — not our neighbor, not ourselves. And, let’s be real, certainly not God.”

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February 29 – Fasting Songs

Ladies & Gentlemen, prepare yourself, it’s almost that time; time to cue your favorite theme song for the upcoming Lenten Fast! Perhaps the theme song from Star Wars? Or maybe we could sing a fasting song, during this election year, to the tune of “Hail to the Chief?” Then again, there’s always the Beverly Hillbillies …

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March 7 – Two Miles ‘til Pascha

Fr Joseph reveals one of his Lenten pet peeves: “Do the best you can.” Do the best you can? Now brothers and sisters, that’s a recipe for failure. Heck, sinner that I am, the best I can is what has got me to where I am! We don’t give an inexperienced bunch of players a ball – with no practice whatsoever – and say, “Okay, it’s game time. Do the best you can.” No. We practice and practice and practice. We fall down, get back up; struggle to do better.

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March 15 – Fasters Anonymous ala Gilligan’s Isle

Fr Joseph, struggling toward humility in the first week of the Fast, tells of his first visit to Fasters Anonymous … and their curious theme song.

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March 22 – The Healing of Yuck

Much like the pains of labor endured by a mother bearing a child, sometimes our journey back to healing is a painful one. And yet, the joy that comes with the new birth is far greater — inexplicably greater — than that which our cold heart endured. In the meantime, we must begin where we are.

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March 29 – What Kind Of Fool Are You?

Fr Joseph quotes Chicago, Kevorkian, Ben Franklin, St Paul and Hallmark in making a case for April Fools.

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April 4 – Happy … EIEIO!

Letters have been pouring into the Orthodixie headquarters over the past week, many of them dealing with what can only be said and not written. You’ve all no doubt heard it, it is pronounced ******** (or EIEIO). Fr Joseph tries to allay fears [of EIEIO] while assuring us that “this, too, shall pass.”

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April 12 – A Funny Thing, Sex

Fr. Joseph’s way of saying, “Pardon me while I slip into something a little more… serious.”

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April 19 – Here Comes Peter Cottontail?

So tell us, Father Joseph– just how did the Resurrection of our Lord get mixed up with bunnies, chocolate and eggs?

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April 27 – Past Fast

Fr. Joseph reports on this year’s Lenten Superlative Awards Banquet at St. Kismet in Gethsemane Falls. Last year’s gala saw a total of 13 awards being presented to the best and worst participants in the Great Fast. This year’s big celeb is, ahem, a no brainer!

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May 3 – Do You Have What It Takes?

Fr. Joseph encounters Bible floppers, hip-hoppers, and mountain toppers in his quest to discover … What It Takes.

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May 9 – “He’s in a better place” … than Dixie?

Fr. Joseph tackles the subject of “place” — where we come from and where we’re headed. Your departed mom, your dad, sister, brother or spouse: they are on that mysterious journey. It’s only a better place if Love is there … let’s pray that includes all of us.

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May 17 – Joy Comes in the Mourning (Dove)

Fr. Joseph recounts holding Easter colored chicks… holding a BB gun, his eye on a sparrow… and later, standing outside in the rain wearing a ball cap, oven mitts and holding a napkin-covered lacrosse stick, chanting, “Here birdie, birdie, birdie.” Yes, this week’s podcast is for the birds.

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May 24 – The Ear Bird (The Angel Cried) Gets the Worm

Fr. Joseph tells of his recent visit to a psychiatrist and his annual struggle with The Guess Who.

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May 31 – Ortho-Man!

Due to some pretty sweet connections, Fr. Joseph is allowed a peek at the upcoming summer blockbuster, ORTHO-MAN! Is there a role for Acrivia Man? Economia Man? What would an Orthodox superhero wear? Was Popeye Greek Orthodox? Some answers, and some questions begging your help, all in this week’s podcast.

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June 6 – Ortho-Man And The Confusion of Tongues

In this week’s Ortho-Man sequel, Fr. Joseph can’t understand the movie, gets knocked out, smells garlic, dreams of Popeye, quotes St Nicholai of Zica and ponders the mysterious identity of Psssst Man.

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June 14 – Ortho-Man & the Riddle of the Psssssst!

In the third and final episode of Ortho-Man, Fr. Joseph is led down a dark hallway by a mysterious stranger who reveals to him the similarities of Underdog, Batman, Pink Panther, Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear and … Ortho-Man.

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June 21 – Bless Your Heart – Smallah, Smallah, Smallah

What do you get when you mix the language and culture of the South with the long and rich heritage of the “Old Country?” Get ready to smile in this encore presentation!

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June 28 – Jesus Loves You (But)

Actions speak louder than words. Some words acquire different meanings depending on context. And love, well, love changes everything. But …

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July 13 – Gotta Go To Camp Now

Fr. John Monto joins Fr. Joseph Huneycutt for a week at Camp St Raphael. This week’s podcast offers an audio snapshot — including the soon-to-be-classic “DOWAMA Don’t Let Your Campers Grow Up to be Clergy” and the new smash hit, “Gotta Go To Camp Now.” Enjoy!

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July 19 – Recalculating Our GPS

Is there virtue in being lost? Not exactly. Then again, being found is only worthy when the Finder is the Hound that loves you. Fr. Joseph’s sense of direction is a little different (i.e., nonexistent). Truth is, most of the time, he doesn’t know where he is.

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July 26 – Help! There’s An Iconostasis In My Living Room

You know how strange dreams can be when you’re not sleeping in your own bed? Well, this one ranks up there with the strangest. But, Fr. Joseph has a very practical application in this “Best Of” Orthodixie podcast.

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August 2 – An Empty Church Is A Peaceful Church

Listen to this exclusive encore “interview” with the author of a book (wink, wink) on proper church etiquette.

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August 9 – Expect a Miracle!

From Oral Roberts to Black Oak Arkansas, strange things happen. Whoa! There goes Uncle Ernie runnin’ ’round the church! Then, there’s bread and wine. Oh, you’ll just have to listen (no interpretation necessary).

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August 18 – Me – Adam, You – Helpmeet

This week’s podcast features snippets from “The Newlywed Game” taken from a Couples Retreat at St Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas.

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August 23 – Who’s in Your Icon Corner?

Icon Corners can be like a family scrapbook — and, God willing, vice versa. While moving the family prayer corner, Fr. Joseph remembers prayers answered through the intercessions of the Saints.

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August 30 – The Xenia, Galina, Coinkydink

We’ve all heard “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Fr. Joseph finds that hard to believe. Then again, some things which are hard to explain serve as cures for our unbelief. Is that by coincidence?

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September 6 – The Handicapped Convert

While “rugged individualism” may be a cultural trait, it sure won’t save you; and although blindness is a serious handicap, Converts may insist on being in the driver’s seat. Whether we want it or not, American Orthodox Converts need help.

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September 17 – The Ike & Rita (“Turners”) Review

This week’s episode, not nearly as exciting as visuals of a major hurricane slamming a major city, is a personal reflection on former Houston guests: Gustav, Katrina, Ike and Rita.

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September 18 – Orthodoxy: Christianity, Just Harder

Interviews and arguments, struggles and slogans, one thing’s certain: Orthodoxy ain’t easy — and that’s no small thing. Or, is it?

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October 5 – Mr. B. Al Zeebop, Orthodox Christian Anarchist

From rumors and whispering campaigns, to flattery and praise, the Church is able to weather any storm. However, the temptations may prove too much for the fair-weather (or even the foul-weather) faithful laity and clergy. In this episode, Fr. Joseph meets Mr. B. Al “Buba” Zeebop and his devilish operation.

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October 11 – The Frost Is On The Pumpkin

Has the latest news about the election, international struggles and the economy got you down? Well, take heart and fear not — for the frost, my friends, is on the pumpkin!

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October 25 – Putting the Fun in Dysfunction Since AD 33

Fr. Joseph delivers a brief newscast (sponsored by e-Hirearchy.com®) featuring Orthodox stories from around the country including this week’s Person of the Week.

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November 2 – Daylight Saviour Time

What time is it anyway? In this classic podcast from the last time we set our clocks back, Fr. Joseph reflects on our obsession with time as a culture and the impact it has on our priorities.

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November 8 – Letters From The Old Country

This week, Fr Joseph answers questions from AFR listeners. Topics include: annoying Orthodox phrases, wicked political emails, Palestine, women’s ordination, and Waffle House.

[pop-up or direct]

November 15 – A Tooth, A Truck And A (Paffhausen)

What does a root canal, a story from Greek mythology and the OCA have in common?

[pop-up or direct]

November 22 – Much Ado About Despota

Nothing excites a priest quite like a Bishop’s visit, and you just never know what a Bishop might say. For instance, how would you answer the question: “Will there be only Christians in heaven?”

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December 1 – Here Comes Santa!

In this encore presentation, Fr. Joseph talks to us about Santa Claus and his sons– and his own– imagination.

[pop-up or direct]

December 6 – Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas … Carol?

Fr. Joseph joins Sir Paul McCartney, Alvin Chipmunk, José Feliciano and other Wailers in a journey down memory lane — eschewing the worldly sounds of the season for some really bad (ghostly) percussion moments. Are you prepared?

[pop-up or direct]

December 13 – The Ghost Of Past Christmas Presents

What do Charles Dickens, Buzz Lightyear, Vladimir Lossky, the Carolina Panthers, the Baltimore Colts, Angels, Shepherds, George Frideric Handel and Kawasaki all have in common? Surely to goodness nothing but this podcast! Fr Joseph is visited by another “ghost.”

[pop-up or direct]

December 19 – Baby Jesus By The Chimney

In this encore presentation, Fr. Joseph sets out on a search for the Baby Jesus.

[pop-up or direct]

December 27 – Meletios Metaxakis Makes a Maalox Moment

Tackling the differences among the Gregorian, Julian, and Appalachian Calendars concerning the date of Christmas is nothing new — and can be quite the tongue twister.

[pop-up or direct]

May the Lord bless you and yours in 2009!

Pray for me.

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