Jesus Was a Jay Dub?

Honestly, if I fell, backwards, into a black worm hole in outer space, where the celebration of Christmas is not dictated by the rotations of the earth, but by the beta carotene on the skin of one’s teeth, I could not possibly begin to answer your query (given the manner in which it is fashioned) …

All of us are born in the presence of our mother.

Yet, for Christians, the Church is our Mother; we are (re)born through Her font and therein begins our salvation with our “new family”. “Christianity” is not mentioned at all in the New Testament; “Church” is mentioned 117 times.

“Christmas” is not synonymous with “Birthday” …

I could go on, but prudence hinders; I beg your forgiveness.

The above is a portion of comment left on GetReligion regarding this post, this comment. Suddenly it seems we’ve all devolved into Jehovah’s Witnesses, as witnessed by the following post from a publication out of Chattanooga:

What Would Jesus Think Of Santa?

From what I’ve read of the words that Jesus is reported to have said, and what I gather of his character from the words about him as written up in the Bible, I believe he would be more impressed with the tradition of Santa Claus and the giving of gifts to children than he would be with the rites and rituals associated with the celebration of his birth.

While there is nothing wrong with a believer’s personal remembrance of the birth of Jesus, I suspect that Jesus would feel a little embarrassment over the paganizing of the event and all the humbuggery it evokes from those who insist on reminding the rest how pious and good they are at this time every year.

While Jesus had a lot to say regarding how a person should act, such as going to his closet to pray rather than making a big deal about it in public, he never came close to suggesting that his birth should be celebrated in the heathen manner that the Church has promoted over the centuries and the way it continues to be celebrated today.

It would honor his birth more if we followed his advice, such as the views he expressed in his Sermon on the Mount, than holding on to the pagan practices of staged adoration with all the unnecessary trappings and trimmings that don’t have a thing in the world to do with anything that he preached.

So, it’s Christmas, Dec. 25, a date that the Church claims was the birthday of Jesus, even though there is no way to know the actual date that Jesus was born. Fine. But why prescribe a holiness to any day more than another? I guess it is just what Christians and Jews and Moslems like to do, the same as pagans and heathens and other religions I suppose. They just believe in their holy days because of their religions and traditions.

It’s a sad irony that while we hold Christmas as holy, we don’t allow it to stop us from making war and killing people in great numbers on Christmas and throughout the Christmas season. When it comes to war and killing, every day is the same as another for us. Humanity would be a lot better off if human life was considered holy and any day was just as good as the next.

If Jesus could look down at it all, I’m sure he would be much more pleased with the tradition of Santa giving gifts to the children and all the pleasant happiness that comes from the spirit of giving than he would with all the rites and rituals and sanctimonious observations and humbuggery that the loud preachers and noisy laymen make so much hay and ado over in celebration of his alleged birthday.

Yes, well, there it is.


There’s much work to do.
(Mainly on me.)
So from further comment I shall refrain …
‘cept to say:

Christ is Born!

Glorify Him!

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