Halloween [Not!] 2008

Of course, this Batman is nothing compared to the authentic look of this one — but, hey, when you got it, you got it. (Pictured here: Batman Salem.)

Last night was the annual All Saints Party at St George, Houston. What a turnout!

These, contrary to appearances, are real men. Real furry men; but, real nonetheless.

The size of the crowd may be attributed to the fact that there was a Bishop in the house …

Uh, that would be the one in the middle. (Fr Michael Evans, Atlanta; Bishop BASIL, Wichita; and Fr Gabriel Karam, Sugar Land.)

This princess, dressed here as St Helen, allows me to share her castle.

Security was assured, should trouble occur during the festivities: thus, a peaceful Knight was experienced by all.

Cleopatra. Still stunning after all these years!

What would a costume contest be without a little cheering!

And the winner is: Jesus! Elvis! (Only in the South.) Here’s last year’s incarnation of “the King” —

Looks like Elvis has left the building, but swooning fans may require medical attention …

or heavenly intervention.

Wait! There’s Elvis now! Ooops, come to think of it, it’s just a little Elvis impersonator. (Y’all, that’s my son with an odd mask. It is, look closely, a little Elvis. See the legs, arms, hands and feet — just below the head?)

Thank ya very much.

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