The Peck Piece, a Pic, and a Pickled Pepper

This photo is courtesy of Houston seminarian Michael Sakran who currently hangs out at St Vlad’s (when he’s not learning humility here).

Fr John Peck recently published an article that has now been sent to me by a Roman Catholic layman, an Orthodox priest and a bishop. Rod Dreher has even commented on it over at BeliefNet.

Here’s the article. (UPDATE: The article has been removed by the author. I have a copy but, given its removal, shall refrain from reposting or commenting at this time.)

The Orthodox Church in America shall soon, God willing, choose a new Metropolitan.*

[* When I was in seminary our Liturgics professor said, “When you have your ordination invitations printed, don’t put on there ‘God willing’ … I mean, the bishop’s gonna ordain you!” We understood his point. Forgive me.]

God willing — and I mean that — this will bring one chapter to a close (the one with the pink elephant in the room) and hasten toward a new chapter (the one with a beacon on a hill). However, in my magnificently unworthy opinion, I don’t believe the page will be turned unless the OCA looks outside of itself for leadership. I mean, in a big-O church, why settle for the longest straw in a tiny pile? Narrow vision, blinded by good-ol-boy loyalty, won’t get you very far. That should be a closed book, not one that just needs editing.

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