What is a Eucharistic Heist?

The folks over at Get Religion do a marvelous job of covering the media’s coverage of religion. Seminarian Symeon Kees (who is less than one month away from being a married man) recently posted a survey about common errors in religion reporting.

I now draw your attention to the following paragraph, stolen from a news article about the theft of a relic in a church in Massachusetts. While the story is a sad commentary on our times and evil in general, the following two sentences made me laugh out loud. (Forgive me.)

The church has not had a break-in since the 1980s, when a Eucharist was stolen. That item was eventually recovered after an anonymous caller directed the previous head of the church to the Eucharist.

That last sentence is priceless.

Here’s the serious article involving theft of a relic of St Andrew.

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