As Black (and White) as Snow

Years ago, back in the days before gidgy-Gidgy-Gadgie-GADGETS

TAKE TWO: Years ago, back before google -Googly- GOOGLEDY- gOoGlE


TAKE THREE: A long time ago, a friend of mine said, “You know, Tony Snow’s a black guy.”

“No way,” I said, “he sounds so, so …”

“I know,” he replied, “he sounds like a white guy — but he’s black!”

Mind you, this was back when there was but a voice on the radio without a face on the tellie to fit. In those medieval times (known as the early 90’s) I was a subscriber to a publication called “The Conservative Chronicle” (or some-such), which ran an article and an image — a charcoal type sketch — of Tony [white as] Snow. That same issue offered a caricature of Jesse Jackson. I clipped out the article with Tony’s pic and pasted the Jackson image over it and sent it (via snail-mail) to my friend. No offense, Jesse.

Sophomoric? No doubt.

But it magnifies, even more, the class act that was Tony Snow. You see, my friend’s a black man … and he thought Tony was too. Yet, Tony’s character had not so much to do with his color, but his creed. (Face it, Tony Snow was one white dude.) His character, fashioned by Christ, is succinctly reflected in this article by Terry Mattingly.

May God rest is soul.

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