Official Camp Letter

While online a while back, I found one of these fun sights where all you have to do is list some nouns, verbs, and adjectives, then click a button, and Voila:

Official Camp Letter!

I don’t know why (maybe because he had just celebrated 25 years as Bishop and His name day), but I chose His Grace, Bishop ANTOUN.

I entered his name, my name, and the words: confession, sorta, ugly, communion, tailgate, lie, swore, tired, hairy, stole, slippery, swim, and confession.

Here’s what I got:

An Official Camp Newsletter

Dear Bishop Antoun,

Camp is ugly and hairy.

I am sorta like it.

I have learned to swim the camp’s communion.

The weather is really slippery.

I hope to lie the camp’s tailgate tomorrow.

Please! — swore my tired saint.

Love, Fr Joseph Huneycutt.

P.S. I stole your shiny confession!

I’m away at Camp St Raphael this week (prayers coveted!), but, just for fun, tune in for a rebroadcast of “Hello Jiddo, Hello Yaya” on …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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