ROCOR’s New Metropolitan

There was only one bishop who voted for another candidate …

Vladika Hilarion himself.

May God grant him many years!

Thanks to news from Fathers John Whiteford & Mark Mancuso.

UPDATE: The official word, thanks to Fr Andrew Damick, is —

On April 29 (May 12), 2008, on the feast day of the Nine Martyrs of Cyzicus, we, the undersigned bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, having gathered in the church of our Most-Holy Queen, the Mother of God and Most-Pure Mary, in honor of the Miracle-working Icon of the Sign, by means of secret ballot, elected the Primate of the Russian Church Abroad, for which 8 written ballots were submitted by the bishops in attendance and 3 ballots from absent bishops. Upon unsealing the ballots, the following votes were revealed:

Archbishop Hilarion 9

Archbishop Mark 2

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