“It Doesn’t Get Much Plainer Than That”

Dear Fr. Joseph,

Though I have not had the opportunity to hear your podcasts as of yet, I have read Defeating Sin. I was looking in our church bookstore one day for something to read. I came across the title and thought, “It doesn’t get much plainer than that!” So I picked up a copy.

I really appreciate all of the quotations from the Holy Fathers and your ability to explain them so simply. There were two things that greatly impacted me. First, the reminder that, no matter what the world says, THE STRUGGLE IS GOOD, which is something I tend to forget being as immersed in the world as I am. Second, the poignant reminder that grace is not unmerited favor, but a real divine energy of God bestowed upon us which we can access to help us defeat our sins and find healing in the Great Physician and Lover of our souls. Reading that in bold type with the actual explanation of grace really drove it into my heart. My soul leapt with hope. I’m a convert from Protestantism, so that old (and wrong) theological tape keeps playing in the background of my mind. This sometimes continues to inhibit my understanding of the great tools God has given us to strive for freedom (from sin) and love for him.

Thank you for the book.

And THANK YOU to all who have supported the project!

Signed copies available through the PayPal button in the side margin of this blog (at left), or multiple copies through Regina Orthodox Press.

And … on AMAZON.

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