I know, I know … it’s Great & Holy Monday. But, while you’re surfing the Net, you might as well visit a new site dedicated to Orthodoxy & Romance, the pitfalls of Orthodox dating, and the struggle to find the perfect mate. Here’s a small sample …

If you do decide to go chasing the random girl who does not know you, think of a good opening line. Considering that we at St. Vladika’s Press are unaware of a successful romantic pilgrim, we haven’t got any good ones to recommend, but here are a few ones that flopped:

“May I borrow your prayer rope?”

“My priest told me I didn’t have a chance with his daughter, so he told me to broaden my horizons and travel.”

“I’ve been thinking of becoming a monk; could you talk me out of it?”

“You remind me of St. Mary of Egypt.”

Even if you are a conflicted soul about whether to be a monk, leave your klobuk at home. Nothing drives a girl crazy more than competing with St. Anthony of the Caves for your heart.

Pay a visit — or bookmark for later — H E R E.

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