Life Held Captive (Guess Who)

Sin is not merely making evil choices, but in fact the result of an inability to make rightful — or righteous — choices. It is the state of captivity to compulsions or passions, where one is quite literally passive and not subjective, controlled and not creative, fallen and not free. It is subservience to the force of hardened habit. In contemporary language, it is called addiction. If I drink or eat whenever I like or whatever I want, I do not gain my freedom but in fact forfeit my freedom. For, in that case, I am constrained by the tyranny of passion, identified with the instinct of my nature. My “life is held captive; it is enslaved by the fear of death” (Heb.2:15).

Yesterday I posted some quotes from the same source.

Here’s another quote …

Humanity stands at the center of creation, serving as a bridge and a bond between greatness and lowliness, between sacredness and frailty, between heaven and earth. As such, the human person acts as a mediator. Yet the way of mediation, otherwise known as the process of deification (divinization, or theosis in Greek), is long and arduous. It is what the Church Fathers call the journey from the divine image, as a gift from above, to the divine likeness as the realization and fulfillment of this initial endowment.

Who’s the author?

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