Lenten Helps

By request, here’s some links from past posts to help in stocking up and preparing meals during the Great Fast. You can also enter “Lent” or “fasting” in the upper left corner SEARCH box for other articles, recipes and resources. (Then there’s this.)

Lenten Pantry & Breakfasts

Lenten Appetizers

Lenten Soups

Lenten Sandwiches

Also by request, the lyrics to the Beverly Hillbillies Fasting Song

Come and listen to a story about a man well fed
A poor Convert, joined the church when he was wed,
Then one Lent he was eatin’ feastin’ food,
When his wife hit the roof, claiming he was rude …
She said … SOY that is, Tofu … just some beans.

Well the first thing you know our man he got a scare,
His wife, she said that their larder it was bare …
Said the Farmer’s Market was the place they oughtta be
So they headed into town for some Lenten groceries.

Lentils, that is …
and peanut butter in big Costco jars.

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