Troubling E-Mail … What to do?

Forgive me. This has nothing to do with Orthodoxy, but everything to do with Internet. Does this happen to yous toos?


I am John Obviouslymadeupname, and I am a highly very ranking Nigerian prince.

Because of utmost strict Nigerian security and banking practices, I have found myself in possession of $50 million USD that I found in my sock drawer after a party attended by the Queen of Norway, Sigrid Formaldahyde. It is my utmost thinking that the Queen of Norway, Sigrid Formaldahyde, left this money in my sock drawer because it was cursed. Taking the utmost precautions, I washed the money that I am now thinking the Queen of Norway, Sigrid Formaldahyde, left in my sock drawer in a completely utmost legitimate manner.

Since I now have a wet $456 million USD (there are sadly no privately-owned clothes drying machines in Nigeria), and am utmostly needing your bank account number so that I might get quarters. If you allow me to get four quarters out, I will gladly give you and only you six quarters upon utmost dryness of the $32 million USD.

Please thanking you in advance,

Prince Obviouslymadeupname

I suspect PO is a pseudonym for WBF.

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