A Case for the Orthodox Study Bible (Sorta)

Blog reg Keith sent me an NPR story about Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s continual biblical references and his audience’s lack of understanding. Well, call it coincidence but, though Huckabee may lose, this dilemma is just in time for a remedy …

First, excerpts from the news story:

In November, as Huckabee surged in the polls, a student at Liberty University asked him what was driving his startling success. Huckabee responded, “It’s the same power that helped a little boy with two fish and five loaves feed a crowd of 5,000 people.”

We played the tape for Leitha Anthony, who was waiting to go into the Washington Monument. Did she know what he was talking about?

“That’s when Moses … had to feed all the people, the multitude of people that left Egypt,” Anthony hazarded. “That’s what it was?”

“Half of Americans can’t name any of the four Gospels, and that includes the Christians,” Prothero says. “And half don’t know that Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Those are much easier questions than things like, you know, ‘What’s the loaves and the fishes story?'”

It is, indeed, here. I saw the new OSB — OT & NT — yesterday at church. I’ve not had time to study it. (Okay, I haven’t even bought a copy yet.) But your comments are welcomed.

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