It was late one Friday when the call came in. I looked down at my cell phone and, though I didn’t recognize the number, I flipped the phone open and said: “Hello, this is Fr Joseph …”

The distraught voice on the other end came from a concerned mother, “Father, could you please come visit my son? He hasn’t left his room in days … I can hear him in there every now and then, praying or singing or whatever it is y’all do … there’s smoke coming from beneath his door … he hasn’t taken any food … he’s moping around … bitter toward one and all …

Forgive me, but is this part of your religion?”

I didn’t know the woman, but I knew the disease all too well.

Her boy was suffering … he obviously had a severe case of Nojoyatall.

It can strike at any time – anyone! God bless him. I told her I’d be over first thing in the morning.

What causes Nojoyatall?

It varies …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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