My Cup (of Joe) Runneth Over

So I’m filling the car with gas on my way to Vespers last Saturday when a woman approaches me … saying she’s on her way to church and asks if I can spare a few dollars.

I said, “Sure – what, you need some candle money?”

“Oh no, she replies, I’m gonna get a cup of coffee!”

As I give her the dough, I ask: “Your church charges for coffee?”

“You betcha! … we even have baristas now! It’s much better than those worldly coffee joints … what, you know … I mean, it’s like: Coffee and the Lord! ”

At this point, I got a quesy feeling and stammered:

“Uh … you wouldn’t happened to be Eastern Orthodox would you?”

“Oh no, silly!” She said. “I’m a Vanilla Jordan-Water, Spirit-infused, Forvever-with-the-Lord Frapachino Christian!

I like ‘em with a Cherry on top! Heehee!”

And, with that, she thanked me – and hurried off.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like coffee and all. But … hmmm.

Which got me thinking … Coffee AND the Lord.

Coffee and the Lord ?

This gal couldn’t wait to get to her church for the coffee.

And, knowing how Converts can be so very zealous for their newfound Faith, I was hoping she wasn’t Orthodox.

You know what would happen, dontcha? That’s right, someone being too cute by half would name the blends after Saints …

You’d have the …

The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

* For much of this week’s podcast, I am indebted to THIS.
Thank you!

Image stolen from here.

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