PHARR: Winter Service Retreat (1)

South Padre Island, Texas — January 1, 2008

It’s not fair to begin a series of photo entries from the Winter Service Retreat with pics of the beach, for multiple reasons: 1) it was outrageously windy and cool for south Texas; 2) it was the only real “goof off” day of the week; 3) even under the conditions it probably looks down right balmy to some of you; 4) the retreat began several days earlier with services, presentations, and preparations for our outreach projects (photos to come).

Matushka Elizabeth Perdomo directs our minds to the rules. As full blown swimming and sun bathing was out, new forms of recreation had to be devised …

Like camel riding.

Er, at least camel RIDER!

First things first, I don’t care how cold it is:

Let’s eat!

With its wind blown redness, the warning flag is the hottest thing on the beach!

In other words, swim at your own risk.



Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa! Ha!

Even this Portuguese Man of War (there were dozens of them lining the shore) had to head toward warmer climes.

After about four hours of sand and suds … it was time to skip the suds.

… and head to the top of the sand.

The dunes at South Padre Island

As with the icon of the Ladder of Divine Ascent …

… there’s a place, really sans suds, where you don’t want to end up!

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