BEWARE: The Golden Compass

The movie version of The Golden Compass, the first volume of Philip Pullman’s controversial trilogy entitled “His Dark Materials,” is slated to open nationwide on December 7th. Though the book’s anti-Christian element has been watered down in the movie so as not to offend U.S. audiences, the real danger of the movie is that it may encourage parents to buy and children to read the trilogy which critics say overtly denigrates Christianity and promotes atheism. Even CNN Headline News, a medium not generally recognized as a champion of conservatism, issued a warning about The Golden Compass. This past Friday Mike Galanos, the CNN Prime News correspondent who explores matters of faith, morals and values, said at the end of a review, “Buyer beware, especially if you want to nurture your kids’ faith.”

Here’s an insightful review entitled What Every Parent Should Know About the Golden Compass.

Taken from the Clergy Brotherhood email of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America.

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