More on the Peaceful Parish …

My predecessor of Thrice-Blessed Memory, Metropolitan ANTONY, told me the following story:

A restless and impatient priest came to him one day and said: “Your Eminence, Why don’t you assign me to a peaceful parish?” The bishop said to him: “Son, I have assigned you to so many parishes, but it seems that you cannot last in any parish. I am going to give you a new parish. Take this address, go to Third Avenue, grab a cab and give the driver this address; he will take you to a wonderful and peaceful parish.” The priest did exactly that, but the cab driver drove him to Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. The priest was shocked. He returned to the bishop and said, “Vladika, you sent me to the cemetery.” The bishop said: “Yes, you wanted a peaceful parish; only dead people are peaceful, so that is the kind of parish you need.”

Read it all H E R E.

For more on the search for a peaceful church, go HERE.

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