Daylight Saviour Time

An excerpt from this week’s AFR Podcast, already in progress …

Our Lord, truly God and truly Man, chose the 12, the 70, and the many women disciples. He was visited in the Garden of Gethsemene and comforted by an Angel. Aided by Simon of Cyrene, He did not bear His Cross alone.

No, our Lord does not appoint us to this work individually, but collectively. He gives us family, friends, co-workers — in the Church.

Let us, fishers of men, labour together for the increase of the Kingdom. When, at times, there seems to be something wrong — no light; when we have laboured all night and caught nothing — Let us be mindful of the Good God Who provides the increase to those who love Him, answering His call to do His holy will.

We shouldn’t deny reality. And the reality is … people are seeking the Truth.

I heard about a conference speaker who’d announced that the days of the great wave of Episcopalians converting to Orthodoxy are past. In other words, Time’s Up. This brought a contrary reaction from a member of the audience: “I beg to differ. Many people are leaving their watered-down feel-good church communities and finding Anglicanism. For them, they believe they have found the Apostolic Faith. The day may come when they grow toward the Truth to the point of making their way to Orthodoxy.”

Though seeking the Truth and wishing others to journey with us, we must be based in reality. And the reality is that some things just “is what they is.” You can’t change people. It’s like the old saying …

Listen to the Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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