While all about on October 31st is spooky …

One may find annual refuge at St George, Houston.

Wait! There’s the priest now!
What? You don’t recognize him? (More will be revealed.)

Arrgh! We don’t wear no scary costumes!
Get me, Mate?

Yes, it’s true, on this night, I’m fairy certain you can dress up however you wish: Yes – fairy, No – Scary.

Here’s Jack … without the box.

… and dual smiles — here …

… and there!

Uh oh! Identity crisis. This seems to be Batman carrying a Spidey pail … being attacked by a ferocious pink Boa.


Oh no! The time change is not till this weekend … and yet he’s already turned into a pumpkin!

… no problem, his angel will take care of him!

See what I mean? No one’s afraid of a tiger who sucks his thumb!

A princess and a turtle …

Two more princesses …

REAL princesses …

The Super Hero formerly known as M. Salem.

Who you lookin at? You lookin at me?


The adults await the costume pageant parade …

Just in time … all the way from Asia?

From Paris … with Bling.

Snow White regales her real life sis about little short men with beards.

Not this little short man … he’s a Mouse!

This turtle has outgrown his shell!

Miss Susie spins Miss White (whose hair is normally not black!)

Wait! Did someone call for a Princess?

Ladies & Gentlemen … Do not be afraid!

He will not MELT in her hand!

Who you calling a princess? That’s PIRATE to you, Mate!

(I kept trying to take a picture of her hand, but from some reason she kept trying to get her face in the picture!)

Okay. Despite the blonde hair color that resulted in green …

My son went as Fr John. They say the cell phone was a dead giveaway! (Scroll up to the sepia tone pic.)

Can you guess what she’s dressed as?

Think about it.


Okay … a clue …

This is, of course, Moses. Now look back at the picture above.

Did you get it?

Okay … I’ll tell you. She’s the …


Oops! The boss is here!

Everybody back to work!


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