Bending the Rules Out of Love

Have you ever known a staunch rule follower? I mean someone who seems obsessed, good and bad, with following rules?


Hey, I’m a lists person. I like to check things off. Did this, done that, need to do that …

Back when I did my clinical training at a state mental hospital my fellow chaplains joked that when I died, I’d check that (Life) off the list, too!

And, if you promise not to pick on me, I’ll admit I’m pretty big on the rule-following thing.

I’m fairly certain that if something tragic happened and all of you –- everyone on the planet — was suddenly vaporized, except for me, I’d probably still stop at red lights till they turned green. (Then again, if you’ve ever driven in Houston, you know it’s true – I’d better hope I was the only one stopping at the red light, because if there was only one other driver in Houston – he’d surely rear-end me right then and there! Then, of course, I’d want to swap insurance info … even though, being the only two people left on the planet … oh well … you get the picture.)

Then there’s love … Love messes with the rules.

Love changes the rules.

But, before I get to the Love Stuff, let’s start with something I know more about …

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