The Awful Art of Awfulizing

So I’m riding down the road … on my way to work … when suddenly I hear this awful noise … a sort of humming sound that – hey, I’m no mechanic – but this sound just can’t be good. I’d just ended a cell phone conversation with my wife about paying bills – which account to use for this and that … how to rob Peter, pay Paul … and now this!

Then, thank Goodness, the noise went away.

Hmmph. Well, that was odd. Wonder what it could have been? Maybe it was something else – not my car.


There it was again … a humming sound like the engine was preparing to get really angry … hummm. hummm. hummm … hummm.

My mind started to wonder …

Okay, great. Car troubles. I wonder how much this will cost … 300 … 500 … 800 dollars?

Then, between the hums, I started AWFULIZING …

You know, when you start fantasizing about ALL the bad things getting ready to happen — all at once!

The car’s going to break down … the kids need new shoes … we need new tires on the van … college is only a few years off … my knee’s been aching …

I think, yes it’s probably true … I’m dying …

I’ll get back to that car noise in a moment but, speaking of kicking the can …

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