Funny Bunny in Bulgaria?

My Dad told me those little white spots sometimes found under finger nails represented the number of girlfriends you had, and my Mom said those occasional little tongue bumps came from telling lies …

But, a story by Petya Sabinova — HERE — is chock full of similar stuff that (I would guess) many Orthodox, not to mention Southern Baptist parents, ain’t never heard tell of. It’s really, really far from the mark. So bad, in fact, it’s kinda humourous; worth a read.

Bless her heart.

Orthodox Easter floats around and rarely corresponds with the Catholic holiday like it did this year. It is celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar and even Bulgarians (believe it or not) need to be told exactly when it’s going to take place each year.


In the eve of Easter when the clock strikes twelve, Bulgarians circle the church three times with a lit candle. The number of times your candle goes out, is the number of sins you’ve committed to the year.


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