DYNAMIS: The Fasting Quiz

Which do I use, my standards or God’s?

What in me is resisting God’s teaching, His guidance, or His correction?

What do I believe pleases God in my fasting: limiting food, added prayers, or using these means to grow in love and obedience to Him for keeping His ways?

How does my fasting serve my ego, my goals, my needs rather than the Lord’s desires and goals? What of God’s graces do I miss in my self-serving?

Do I justify being cross, curt, or mean when I fast?

How have I increased or decreased quarreling during the Fast?

What are the ways that I make my fasting visible to others rather than hiding my devotion to the Lord as He commands (Mt. 6:16-18)?

What efforts have I made to remove circumstances or conditions that lead others to sin? How have I made life more difficult for others? How have I eased the pain of others? What wrongs have I corrected to lighten the struggle of others?

What am I doing personally to relieve someone’s hunger, to provide shelter to any homeless persons, or to assure that others receive needed clothing?

To what extent have I asked God to enlighten me in practical ways so that I might provide aid, comfort, and / or assistance to some needy person or families?

In what ways have I asked God to free me, to notice my problems or to hear me, while in the meantime I have neglected the dignity, freedom, needs or cries of others?

To what degree do I help others – as a legalistic duty rather than giving, sharing, and aiding them from my heart, in thanksgiving to God Who has so richly provided for me?

To what extent do I fast to please myself or to impress or ingratiate my fellow Christians rather than fasting in order to become more aware of God’s presence?

What in the Lenten Fast is a waste of time or energy from my perspective? What about fasting do I find spiritually empty? What in me makes the Fast “one more thing to get through”? How is the Fast adding or detracting from my growth in faith, hope, and love? Am I drawing nearer to God and finding His peace in my heart? Why or why not?

This is the posting from DYNAMIS for today, Wednesday, March 28th.

Go HERE for the full posting & context.

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