Syriac Prayer (Pt 5)

O Sun of righteousness by which the righteous beheld their own selves and became a mirror for their generations, open up within me the gate to awareness of Thee; grant me a joyful mind, one which sails above the rocks of error, so that I may reach that serene haven, as did our fathers of old who pleased Thee with their discerning lives. Sanctify me by Thy Mysteries, illumine my mind with knowledge of Thee, make Thine hope to shine out in my heart, hold me worthy to supplicate for it, O God my Father and Lord of my life; illumine Thy lamp within me, place in me what belongs to Thee so that I may forget what belongs to myself. Cast upon me the constraint of wonder of Thee, so that the constraint of nature may be overpowered by it. Stir up within me the vision of Thy Mysteries so that I may become aware of what was placed in me at holy baptism. Thou hast placed within me a Guide: may He show me Thy glory at all times.

— Saint Isaac of Nineveh

Taken from a Mysticism e-list.

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