Converts, Again (and Again)

Shocking, but true: Orthodoxy did not begin with American Converts. Conversion to Orthodoxy did not begin with Americans. And, should the Lord tarry, it shall not end with American Converts.

Face it, some people convert to Orthodoxy in order to get married. These may spend their whole lives working out their salvation piously in their new home.

Others may have converted to Orthodoxy because their ruler said to (e.g., Constantine, Vladimir, the Tsars, etc).

Then there’s the rest of us.

As a Convert, it’s always a joy to see the zeal and thrill of the newfound Faith in the expressions (written, spoken, action, facial) of new Converts. It’s also perfectly normal to see this fade or turn sour — even poisonous — later on. An American priest teaching a Catechism Class is usually well aware that many of those shiny faces may soon change — even leave — worse yet, they may even stay!

Protestant … Inquirer … Catechumen … Newly-Illumined … Theologian … Staretz … Protestant.

But, thank God, there’s keepers.

We’re a nutty lot, Converts.

All this is to say, it’s never too late …

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