UPDATE: One Flew Over the Onion Dome

The buzz for One Flew Over the Onion Dome: American Orthodox Converts, Retreads & Reverts has been, for me personally, too cool. There’s nothing quite like signing parties where you sell out of books.

(I assume that’s much better than signing parties where you’re packing books back in your trunk with ink-a-plenty to spare!)

I’ve added the PayPal feature to the margin of this blog. This is particularly handy for those who wish to have a personalized copy and/or support my wife & children. 🙂

My interview with John Maddex of the excellent Ancient Faith Radio will most likely air, Central Time, thusly:

Sat June 24 at 10:30am CT
Sun June 25 at 3:00pm CT
Tue Jun 27 at 7:30pm CT
Thu Jun 29 at 9:30am CT

My appearance on the wonderful program Come Receive the Light will most likely air in late July.

Both programs, Ancient Faith & Come Receive the Light, may be accessed using the buttons in this blog’s margin — where you can also order multiple copies of One Flew through Regina Orthodox Press.

THANKS … to tmatt (aka Terry Mattingly) who has been a great help …

Buy his book (too)!

AND to my boss, Fr John Salem, who not only tolerates my foolishness, but is a most gifted priest (PR Agent & Cheerleader)!

NOTE: I shall be away at Camp St Raphael in Oklahoma until July 1st. Most likely, no blogging; certainly, no comment approval. All the same, prayers coveted.

Ya Boy!

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