Let It Be. Yesterday. Rocky Raccoon, too.

Funny that Dawn should mention this hymn — and include the fullness thereof — as my old pal, Roxanne, had just mentioned the same in a comment to this story. It’s a big-ol’ small and wonderful world!

Remember the story on the Presbyterians — wherein they’d thought about changing the name of the Trinity to Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod? Well, if you’ve not done so already, check out Mollie’s article — especially the comments.

Oh gosh, that movie seems so, so Yesterday. Remember?


If you’ve been captivated by the week’s whack-nuttery … If you just can’t get enough of those Crazy Episcopalians … If reading the whoopingly insane ravings of a group of lost souls trying to invent a new religion is your cup of tea …

Yes, the new female Presiding Bishop referred to her “Mother Jesus” in her first address;


They voted the more the merrier (or something like that) …

You can find it all H E R E.

Better yet, read about BEAUTY … here, Here, and HERE.

Finally, it is my Christian duty to post the following plug:

I just returned from an Orthodox Church conference where a great number of folks — clergy and laity — are Former Episcopalians. It can be done. There is hope.

Trust God. Be faithful. Persevere … Buy my book!


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