ORTHODIXIE: Anno Domini 2005

Little did I know, a year ago, that I’d serve a church within a short walk of Joel Osteen’s. Then there was the whole “Sponge Bob is Gay” & the debunking of the “Prophecies of St Nilus.” Of course, January 2004’s news was dominated by the Tsunami. Was God there? On a personal note, we lost our beloved family pet of 18 years.

The second month of the year saw various calls for Orthodox Unity (12) … and that whole Sponge Bob Controversy led to this collaboration.
Dawn Eden wound up “between jobs” and, eventually, on to better things.

And, Da Vinci Code aside, did you know that the Lord really DID have a wife? The Lenten Fast brought a little more sobriety, thanks to the Great Prayer of St Ephraim. Here’s a handy guide on where to look for GUIDANCE in the Bible — but, Where is the Love? Thank God others are fed up with Hip Hop!

The death of a pope. With all the media attention, you may have missed this story: Is the Pope Catholic? Did you and yours boogie to the Royal Hours on Great & Holy Friday?

Warmer temps, for whatever reason, brought a couple on Evolution … 12. And where would we all be without a little required reading? Speaking of which, here’s 12 from Hermas.

Then there was that gosh-awful clown mess. Should we protest Communion? By the way, what separates us anyhow? Here’s my favorite oldest daughter (and her old man) on the Proverbs. She was 10 back then. Wow … has it really been Ten Years? Orthodoxy, unfortunately, made the news. How ’bout you? Are you an Orthodox Fundamentalist?

Or, maybe you know an Orthodox FundaMINIMAList? Here’s Mama Fred on Orthodox Unity. Did someone mention Harry Potter? (Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter) How ’bout Camp St Thekla? — Here and HERE. While some were camping, others were at the Antiochian Convention voting!

Monster Magnet, my father died. Dwight Yoakum came to the hills of North Carolina … and my favorite oldest daughter spaced out. Donations through this Blog raised over $350 for IOCC hurricane relief.

My favorite son on — reader beware! — on hot dogs. The move to Houston … 1234. Some thoughts on the War. The death of a hierarch.

Here’s a little humour, at Bush’s expense … tmatt scores! … and I went off on Madonna. The Astros lost the series. A confession from a Halloween hypocrite.

Speaking of October 31st. TMATT’s got a book out; Mama Fred, too. Then, of course — again & again — Orthodox Unity. “We have returned to claim the pyramids … partying on the Mothership, I am the Mothership Connection.”

A bunch of stuff about Xmas.
What’s the deal with all this blogging anyway?

Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

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