Saint Andrew’s Day

The Feast of St Andrew, November 30th, is a big one in the Huneycutt house, primarily because it’s my wife’s birthday. BUT … there’s more. This past Monday, the 28th, we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary which also involves St Andrew.

She was Baptist, I was a convert to Anglicanism. The first time we attended church together was in Valle Crucis. This beautiful village & Mission Center was a “home away from dorm” while in college. My friend, Jim, was the caretaker of the old Mission House for a couple years and I always loved the hilly splendour.

It so happened that the Sunday we visited church together, back in 1986, was St Andrew’s Day. The priest, who later participated in our wedding, preached on St Andrew and how the town, Valle Crucis, got its name because the valley was shaped like an “X” … like St Andrew’s Cross.

A year later, two days prior to St Andrew’s feast, we were married at the Church of the Holy Cross in the Valley of the Cross. This explains why his icon is tops in our family icon corner.

To all celebrating their name day today: Many Years!

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