PICS: Camp St Thekla 2005

Here’s some pics taken this week at the CST 05 in Nashville, TN. Since I was busy with services and Christian Ed, I didn’t get pics of, well, services & Christian Ed. But here’s some other activities, particularly Wednesday’s dance. Enjoy!

This fellow REALLY wanted me to take this picture. I understood.

This was the visit of Biggidy Big Foot. He kidnapped Adam Roberts who, thanks to the Campers’ diligence, was later returned safely.

Thanks to Joel Finley, Adam & Shad Teems, and others — we had a song for everything … Snack Time, Gimme Shop, etc.
The game “Four Square” was a big hit.
Look here! Proof, parents … They can do it!

These guys, Adam & Shad, are brothers. Kooky brothers. This was their getup for the dance. Kooky. Ya think?

Sunrise, just outside my cabin, Day One.

It was a fun week. And, though you wouldn’t know it from these pics, we learned a lot, prayed a lot!

Glory to God for all things! Through the prayers of St Thekla, O God be merciful to us and save us!

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