Here & Yon …

Faithful reader, Erica, commented that the source for the story of karaoke in church is suspect. But doesn’t “Pravda” mean truth? The site is a hoot — but not recommended for the sober.

Interrupting my series on Christmas, here’s some helpful hints on the Feast.

A Dutch study has determined that smoke from candles and incense in church is harmful to your health — up to 20 times the carcinogens found on the street corner! Poking around the Net netted this related news story from Ireland.

Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and school children may thank anyone, except God. Question: Is it still alright to “thank God it’s Friday?”

Dan Rather received a bit of attention on this blog and others with his forged document story (among other things). Now Andy Rooney fesses up … he also calls Christians ignorant, etc.

Finally … so you don’t believe the Russian Karaoke story? How ’bout this one?

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