The Two Trees (23 of 33)

[Meditations are intended to be read sequentially, from 1 to 33.]

Again in the Garden …

Anger. Sometimes (do our eyes deceive us?) we seem to partake of anger by mistake. It often looks just like pride.

Since pride, we’re told, is the omnipotent remedy for all our ills — we naturally reach for it daily.

Yet anger is found within.

“It is not anger. You are a god. You are in control. The world can be yours. Taste and see ….”

The creature. We no longer see him. He just seems to accompany our thoughts, doubts, and fears.

For this we are thankful. Because, on the Hill there’s no answers … only questions. Mystery. Frustrating.


Anger? Pride? We’ve eaten too much sloth to care.

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